Ketron Optimization focuses on implementation and application of linear programming and mixed-integer programming software - software for optimization and model management. Ketron clients enjoy the benefits of quality optimization and modeling products, outstanding product support service, and professional consulting.

Overview of MPSIII
C-Whiz Optimizer
Mixed Integer
Modeling Languages, Dataform & OML
Oml Library Optimizers and Model Building
Technical Support

Ketron Software
The MPSIII family of mathematical programming software comprises: C-WHIZ linear and mixed-integer optimizer, DATAFORM modeling system, OML optimization and modeling library, premium utilities, and interactive drivers.

Ketron Services
Consulting services include application system design, model formulation, application implementation, and modeling system maintenance. Ketron Optimization has a significant amount of relevant experience in a wide range of applications in many different business areas.

Ketron Solutions
Optimal solutions to many broad classes of problems require the unique capability of mathematical optimization. Off-the-shelf data-driven applications from Ketron Optimization and other solution developers bring you the benefits of optimization without the expense of a major application development project.

Ketron Downloads
For fully functional trial copies of Ketron's optimization and modeling software, please visit our downloads page. You will also find printable copies of product descriptions, user's manuals, and other documentation.

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The use of Ketron Optimization mathematical programming software is monitored by a software-based license manager, Crypkey™. After downloading the license manager, use the license authorization request form to validate your license.

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