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MIPIII is the general purpose mixed-integer optimizer for the Ketron Optimization mathematical programming system, MPSIII. There is a stand-alone version; a callable library version, OML, and a version that is integrated into the model management system, DATAFORM.

Mixed-Integer Programming.

MIPIII uses the branch-and-bound algorithm with bound projection; branch-and-cut is also available for use where appropriate. Discrete variable types recognized are: zero/one (a switch), bivalent (zero or something else), general integer (pick an integer from a range of values), semicontinuous (must be zero or greater than a lower bound), SOS1 (pick an activity from a set of alternatives) , and SOS2 (piecewise linearization of a curve).

Extensive user guidance is possible through priority list, starting integer solution, and numerous solution control parameters. There is a wide choice of options for branching control and stopping conditions. User controls are supplied through several convenient means including control tables, command line arguments, and a GUI front-end.

Input, Output.

MIPIII accepts standard MPS format with mixed-integer markers. A more efficient MPSIII proprietary format is available through DATAFORM and OML. The branching node tree is displayed if requested; this is helpful when comparing solution strategies.

Fact Sheet. For a two page fact sheet with more detailed information, just select MIPIII Facts. You may wish to print a copy for your files.

FAQ. A list of Frequently Asked Questions about MIPIII.

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