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MPSIII, Mathematical Programming System

Ketron Optimization MPSIII delivers the performance, reliability, and features that are necessary for successful mathematical programming projects. Included are powerful tools for model generation and model management in addition to high speed optimization. Linear, mixed-integer, and nonlinear programming models are among the most sophisticated, highly developed tools of operations research and management science; Ketron Optimization software components make them possible. The primary MPSIII components are:

Fast Solvers

  • C-WHIZ is a high performance linear programming optimizer with an optional mixed-integer feature, MIPIII. The outstanding mathematical programming optimizer, C-WHIZ, is based on the revised simplex algorithm. It exploits matrix supersparsity, a powerful presolve, and other processing protocols to minimize computer resource utilization. C-WHIZ is descended from WHIZARD, the fast, robust, mainframe optimizer.
Model Management & Case Management
  • DATAFORM model management system is the tool for mathematical programming analysts who create application support systems. It is a model database manager plus a data manipulation language with specific verbs for data editing, matrix generation, optimization control, solution access, and case management.
  • OML, the Optimization and Modeling Library, is a callable library of linear and mixed-integer programming functions (from C-WHIZ and MIPIII) plus the model management capability of DATAFORM. This allows you to incorporate sophisticated optimization and modeling features into your C-, FORTRAN-, or Basic-coded application.

Off-the Shelf Applications

  • LOPTIS, the Logistics Optimization System, is an off-the-shelf supply chain planning system. The data-driven nature of this multiple time-period system supports the modeling of up to four echelons of distribution plus raw material acquisition, production, and inventory for strategic analysis and operational planning.

Platforms & System Requirements

MPSIII runs on PC's, UNIX workstations, and IBM mainframes. The C-coded MPSIII runs on all of these platforms under DOS, Windows, Linux, and UNIX; the original mainframe system is written in assembly language and runs in the MVS environment.

Interactive Drivers and Accessibility

A Windows GUI provides a familiar interface to MPSIII, including front-ends for the optimizers, they are particularly useful when you are exploring the solution controls for a new or troublesome model. The GUI gives you access to the MPSIII utilities including a powerful matrix editor, MATEDIT; a DATAFORM, OML table editor, TABEDIT; and a solution viewer, SOLVIEW.

MPSII Software is fully compliant with the Electronic and Technology Accessibility Standards of the US Federal Regulations (Section 508). Data that are input to or output from the MPSIII software can be either in the form of text files, spreadsheets, or databases. In the case where the software is invoked directly by the end-user, it can be done via keyboard input. Intermediate results used to monitor progress of the software are written to text files and/or to the monitor using standard operating system features.

Free Trial Software

Qualified parties can try MPSIII software on a no cost, no obligation basis. Visit our downloads page to get a fully functional trial copy. If you want us to benchmark your models on our computers, we'd be happy to do so. Call or email us at Model Benchmarks to determine the best way to send your model.

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