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OML is a complete tool kit for linear and mixed-integer optimization as well as model management in a callable library. Optimization is provided by the library version of C-WHIZ . The model database is compatible with DATAFORM and is managed by the same database manager; it can hold a family of problems, each one can have a matrix, data tables, and optimal solutions. The OML library is incorporated into your C-, FORTRAN-, or Basic-coded application to give you complete access to and control over your mathematical programming environment.

Optimization. You have C-WHIZ to solve your LP and MIP problems. In addition, you can load and optimize multiple matrixes concurrently; input can be standard MPS files, OML generated matrixes, or DATAFORM generated matrixes; you can access the optimal solutions right from the optimizer's workspace; and modify the RAM-resident matrixes.

Matrix Manipulation. The OML matrix is created in an internal format on the model database. You can generate your matrix in any order or orientation that your data suggest and you can come back at any time to add, directly modify, and delete elements. Even after the matrix has been loaded into optimizer's workspace the matrix elements can be retrieved and modified.

Data Tables. The virtual OML workspace coupled with the data table structure encourage the use of data-driven paradigms - the result is programs that adjust very well to changes in the data. Functions are supplied to input, create, modify, and expand the tables.

Solution Access. The optimizer can record the optimal solution onto the model database. OML gives you access to any of the recorded solutions plus the solutions in the optimizers workspace. This is a big help with cross-case reporting, solution analysis, and recursion.

DLL. The C-coded library can be ordered specifically for your C or FORTRAN compiler; alternatively, you can get the DLL version that links into just about anything. There are interfaces to other modeling languages such as GAMS, MPL, and AMPL.

Industry Applications Our OML Library systems are ideal for developing end-user applications for distribution within your company, or for resale to third parties. Ketron Optimization encourages and supports such projects with several licensing programs. Call us to discuss your specific requirements so that we can suggest the program that best serves your needs and plans.

Fact Sheet. For a two page fact sheet with more detailed information, just select OML Facts. You may wish to print a copy for your files.

FAQ. A list of Frequently Asked Questions about OML.

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