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DATAFORM is a model database manager and a data manipulation language. The language is rich enough to do most data processing for your modeling applications in addition to the specific model generation, solution control, and report writing that is expected. The versatility of DATAFORM makes it appropriate for application prototyping; its power and speed make it appropriate for production systems.

The MPSIII model database managed by DATAFORM holds all of the model data: data tables, matrices, and optimal solutions. This hierarchical, virtual file has proven to be an extremely efficient storage medium that strongly supports case management. Multiple scenarios are easily created and exploited.

Integration. One of DATAFORM's major strengths is that it has direct access to everything in the model environment, including the ability to execute and control both C-WHIZ and WHIZARD optimizers. A Windows GUI provides a familiar front-end for all of MPSIII; it gives you access to several utilities including a powerful data table editor, TABEDIT, for creating, viewing, and modifying data tables.

Data manipulation. Matrix generation and report writing features are very powerful and easy to learn. The matrix is created in any convenient order supported by the organization of the data. The matrix is created in an internal format that completely bypasses the conventional MPS format. The virtual workspace and the data table structure strongly support data driven structured programming paradigms.

Modularity. DATAFORM can call subprograms written in various languages, including DATAFORM. The resulting modularity enhances program design and encourages use of existing technology.

The functionality of DATAFORM, including the model database manager, is available in the OML modeling component.

Recursion control. With access to the optimal solution in the optimizer's workspace and all data on the model database plus the ability to modify the optimizer's matrix, DATAFORM becomes an outstanding tool for recursion control.

Fact Sheet. For a two page fact sheet with more detailed information, just select DATAFORM Facts. You may wish to print a copy for your files.

FAQ. A list of Frequently Asked Questions about DATAFORM.

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