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Ketron Optimization Products has extensive experience in mathematical optimization applications, Kertron Optimization's principal consultants will help you find SOLUTIONS to problems in many application areas, namely:

Logistics Planning Systems

LOPTIS is a supply chain optimization tool from Ketron Optimization that is based on a mathematical programming production and distribution model. The LOPTIS modeling system creates a multiple-time-period model that includes acquisition of raw material or components, production, inventory, shipments to distribution centers, and shipments to markets. It provides decision support for facilities location studies and for supply chain operational planning.

Agricultural Feed Blending Optimization System

Our business partner, Brilliant Alternatives, provides optimal feed blending solutions to companies throughout the world. The multi-formula blending model (Brilliant Formulation) meets nutritional requirements for maximum growth and production at the least cost. Brilliant Formulation is available from Brilliant Alternatives.

Forest Planning and Management

The U.S. Forest Service chose our optimizers for the Forest Planning Management System, SPECTRUM (and its predecessor, FORPLAN). Several of our business partners, such as Remsoft and FORCE/Robak Associates, also use C-WHIZ for the solver engine in their forest management applications.

Competitive Bid Evaluation

The U.S. Defense Energy Support Center makes effective use of our C-WHIZ and MIPIII optimizers for bulk fuel supply bid evaluation. The complex logic of the model generator and the recursive solution control is capably handled by the DATAFORM-coded modeling system. The system was designed and built by Ketron Optimization and our business partner, Nelson Associates.

Energy Modeling

The Energy Information Agency of the US Department of Energy uses OML for several optimization tasks in the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS). Analysis supported by NEMS contributes to the Annual Energy Outlook, a 20 year forecast of energy supply, demand, and prices. This modeling system is available for use by others for large scale energy analysis.

Global Oil Supply, Refining, and Distribution

We have many years of experience in the development of models to help analyze the global oil industry from technological developments to market economics to the impact of supply disruptions

User Interfaces using Relational Databases

A number of our clients and business partners have developed User Interfaces to our software via EXCEL spreadsheets, and ACCESS and FoxPro databases.

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