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What can LP do for me that I don't get from my simulations?

The value of LP can be summed up in a couple of observations. You are accustomed to working with simulations, so you know that if your model is accurate and comprehensive, you can get some pretty good answers. In addition, if your simulation modeling system is good enough and you have the patience and insight to guide it, it can give you some very good answers.

In an LP environment, let's start with the same initial assumption, i.e., that your model is accurate and comprehensive. With LP you are guaranteed to get the mathematically provable very best answer every time.

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Does your software run in Windows or DOS?

MPSIII is a 32-bit application with a built-in DOS extender. It can be run in any operating system environment: DOS, Windows (3.1, 95, NT), OS2.

Since Windows 3.1 is a 16-bit environment it requires that MPSIII be run in a "DOS window". The Windows version of MPSIII has the additional feature of being executable from an interactive front-end driver. This feature is particularly helpful during the development and debugging phase of a modeling project.

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Can I use a batch file to run a model?

Yes, we usually set up our applications to run from batch files or from application programs written in various languages.

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Is there a programming language for MPSIII ?

Yes, Ketron Optimization offers two solutions: DATAFORM and OML. DATAFORM is a model database manager and a programming language. The model database contains multiple models [problems]; each problem can have data tables, a matrix, and model solutions) . The DATAFORM language is procedural, similar to FORTRAN, and has specific verbs for matrix generation and solution access, as well as general data manipulation tasks.

OML is a library of functions that have the functionality of DATAFORM, but these functions can be included in a C- or FORTRAN-coded application program. The DLL version of OML provides the same set of functions for use by an application generation system such as Visual Basic or Visual FoxPro. OML works with the same MPSIII model database as DATAFORM.

C-WHIZ and MIPIII can also be used with the AMPL and GAMS modeling systems.

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What is a Tiller error (TL008) and what do I do?

Tiller is the program module that handles all access to the proprietary MPSIII ACTfile databases. Most MPSIII programs utilize one or more of these databases. Key control information is held in RAM until the database is closed at the end of the run.

If an MPSIII program aborts and ends prematurely, the ACTfile is not closed properly. This will result in a TILLER TL008 message from the next program that tries to open the database.

Just delete the ACTfile and start the run again.

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How can I tell which version of your software I am using?

When one of our programs begins execution it signs-on by sending its name and version to both the screen (console file) and the SYSPRINT file. Also, from the MPSIII Windows primary screens, select the Help menu and click About.

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Is MPSIII year 2000 compliant?

MPSIII is in compliance with the year 2000 (Y2K) standard. This software does no computation based on date or time-of-day nor does it provide date or time-of-day manipulation by user supplied procedures. This statement applies to Basic MPSIII, DATAFORM, and WHIZARD that run on mainframe computers and to C-WHIZ, MIPIII, OML, and supporting software that run on various platforms.

Users of desktop DATAFORM and LOPTIS will need to upgrade to Version 3.1, available since June 1, 1998, to maintain Y2K compliance.

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