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The demo version of this supply chain modeling system lets you see first hand the richness of the data used by LOPTIS and the results it produces.

See how a supply chain is modeled from the acquistion of raw materials through manufacturing and warehousing to delivery to customers. The level of detail supports decisions in the strategic and tactical planning phases. The demo database illustrates a facilities location study by a manufacturer who wants to know where to produce a part used in all of its finished products.

The demo comprises two of the three components of the operational LOPTIS: working with the data and viewing the solution. You will run the demo throught a Microsoft AccessTM interface; therefore, you must have AccessTM installed on your computer

A fully functional trial LOPTIS is also available for download. We suggest that you first take a look at this demo. LOPTIS documentation is included with this download.

Access 2000 is not compatible with earlier versions of AccessTM. You can convert the earlier version with a Microsoft conversion utility, but it is easier to just download the appropriate version. Request either LOPTIS Demo for AccessTM 2000 or LOPTIS Demo for AccessTM 1997

Request Loptis Demo

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